Hey there, beautiful.

Hey there, beautiful.

Why hire me for your boudoir experience?

We will talk about body image, injuries, relationships, mental health, scars... any pieces that make up who you are today, and work with all those pieces to showcase the real you. I will never pry, but I think that these are the things that bring us to maybe was a session... and maybe reasons why we struggle loving ourselves. I have a background in therapy, as well as my own internal struggles and know that these things can be major barriers. I want to be a tool in you healing, loving yourself and this experience!

I am not the right boudoir photographer for you if you're looking to be photoshopped and 20 years younger, and that is okay! I am the right photographer if you want to be wowed by a raw version of yourself; the version that others see. It is an incredible experience to be able to see yourself in such an intimate way through a different lens. That is what I offer, a chance to see the beauty that is you, through the lens of my camera... the lens that everyone else sees you in.

I want you to walk away and feel like you're on top of the world, bad-ass and beautiful.

You pick. Outdoor, Indoor or Both!

outdoor MN boudoir photography, twin cities
editorial studio MN boudoir photography, twin cities

Session Fee

$395 for one location; $445 for both!*

This includes us developing your creative session, unlimited calls, texts and emails to help you feel ready for your session, the session itself, use of client wardrobe, professional editing of images and an in-person reveal. It also includes either professional hair and makeup or $200 product credit

Session fee does not include any products

Minimum product investment is $650

*$150 more on Sunday's

What to expect

So, you finally booked yourself a session! Now what?

First, know you can reach out to me up until your session with questions, worries, outfit ideas, whatever! I am here to support you in this experience the whole time!

The day of your session we will meet at the studio, and start with a little stretching and just chat for a while for you to get comfortable and for me to get to know you and understand your goals for the session. We all have different reasons for doing this; engagement, injury, separation, babies, age, and just because you want to, dammit! It is important for me to understand the why, but also insecurities and your strengths. I want to empower each woman the best I can, and can only do this if I truly understand you!

Next, we will pick outfits out. I hope you bring a whole suitcase, because I never want women to leave thinking "I wish I should have brought...". So, bring it. Always bring it all!

THEN WE START THE SESSION!! I will pose you, I will prompt with my words and, with permission, physically move you to get you in the perfect positions. I will occasionally show you the back of the camera so you can be like "wait, that is me?! Yay!!" And I will say yes, because as cliche as it is, we are all goddesses and I am so honored I get be a part of you seeing that.

If you pick outdoor, we will take the pontoon up the Mississippi River, and adventure both in the woods and in the water!

Once we wrap up the session, we can either do an in person reveal or I will send you an online gallery - you pick!

If you chose an in person reveal, I will provide you with lunch/snacks and refreshments; whatever you want! While you relax I do a quick, light edit on your images. Then we'll go through and I will help you pick your images with you! Most women prefer this, because it can be very overwhelming... and then also you don't have to wait to see them! We'll also go through products and see what makes the most sense for you!

The other option would be for me to send an online gallery, and you pick your favorites online at home. The gallery will be available within 14 days of your session. This needs to be done within 14 days of receiving the gallery, and then we go through and make sure that you get the products you want!

Once you pick all your products I will send over an invoice, and once payment has been made in full I will begin to work on editing and creating your album or other print products! Once I have finalized, will confirm that everything is correct, and then order! You'll have your print products within 6 weeks of your confirmation that everything it right! This is the most exciting part, getting your print products in the mail!

I can't wait to get to know you!

I can't wait to get to know you!