Luna is our rescue pup.

She is basically the greatest thing since sliced bread (I know we all think that about our pups). But, for real.

I rescued her and started fostering her in 2014, I adopted her in 2015. I wasn't interested in anyone else adopting her; she was my 9th foster, and 5th pittie foster. Luna was in a kill shelter before she was rescued and was in rough shape; scratches, cuts and malnourished. She smiled for basically a week straight after she came home! I immediately fell in love with her, he was my dog from that first day, and I think we both knew I was going to be a "foster fail". But here we are, far from failure ♥️

Fun facts about Luna

She is super obedient if she is getting a treat, otherwise she has a hard core selective hearing problem.

She loves walks more than food.

She is always right by Dan when he has food because he is a push over, and she knows it! "Look at that face though!!"

She loves sweaters! I don't know why but she gets SO EXCITED when we bring out a sweater for her to wear. She also loves sun bathing and laying by the fireplace.