Let's start the bachelorette party the right way!

What do we get during this session?

I provide snacks, beverages and music (whatever your heart desires)

Each girl gets a 30 minute mini-boudoir session and a $150 product credit.

Starting your day with this is, I think, the best way. I have personal experience with this. I planned my best friend's bachelorette party to start with a boudoir shoot and it was the most amazing thing ever. So now I think this should just be the gold standard in bachelorette parties! Yeah, you'll get some incredibly sexy pictures of yourself, and that is amazing. Your bride squad will rule the night, no matter what you're doing!

Doing this starts your celebration with such love, encouragement and positivity.

This can be indoors OR we can make it a pontoon party bachelorette day on the Mississippi River!

At the end of the mini-sessions, we will do some group shots as well! Let's be real, it's not too often we get professional pictures with all our girlfriends where we are not all in gowns. And what a great opportunity this is to do that! Think cute PJ's, leotards, matching robes or footie pajamas. Wherever you want!

Bachelorette packages start at $1,000 for up to 5 people. $150 for each additional. Payments can be broken up however makes sense for all of you!



Each girl will also get $100 off a full session fee when they book their own full session with me!

The bride will get $250 off if she wants to book a full session too!

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